Friend Art

Friend Art

by Sofia Alvarez

May 19 - May 29, 2022

The Story

Molly and Kevin are engaged. They have “normal” jobs. Kevin and Nate have known each other since they were kids. Nate used to be famous once. He just broke up with Lil, who does performance art, and she used to work with Molly, who wanted to be an actress a long time ago. These relationships come to a head when Kevin decides he no longer wants the regular life he convinced Molly to live with him. Friend Art asks how late is too late to give up on your dreams, when are you really a grown-up, and what the hell are you supposed to say when walking out of a friend’s truly terrible performance?







PNC Arts Annex

46 W 2nd St Dayton

Ohio, 45402


1 hour

30 minutes

No Intermission








(Pay What You Want)

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[ Edited by Josh & Tina Burnette + Filmed by by Knack Video + Photo ]

The Sound

Music has always been important at The Nerve and creating unique soundtracks for our shows is something we've always put a lot of thought into. Whether it's a transition during the show, or pre/post-show music, each song is carefully chosen to help set the mood and tell the story.

This soundtrack was created by Jenna Valyn, Music Supervisor

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