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We are The Nerve–Dayton's risk-taking theatre company, telling unfiltered stories in immersive spaces.

Our 21/22 Season

is now

We are an ensemble theatre company that isn't afraid to uncover the messy parts of life. We tell raw, real, and relevant stories that stick with you long after you leave the theatre. Our risk-taking, immersive approach exposes the human experience in its most intimate form: how we can hurt each other and how we make each other whole. If you feel conflicted, uncomfortable, or introspective after spending a couple hours with our stories, we've done our job. Striking a nerve—it's what we do.

Who the hell am I, anyway?

Our 2021/2022 Season

This season explores identity; A topic we are all intimately familiar with having gone through this pandemic. So many people have grappled with their identity, questioned their life choices, changed their path, or discovered a new part of themselves. All three plays this season feature characters who are either questioning who they are or discovering who they want to be.

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