The Nerve's 2021/2022 Season Casting Call

Jul 28, 2021 • by Jenna Valyn

UPDATE: Auditions for our 2021/2022 Season are now closed and all shows have been cast. We had a great turnout this year. Thank you to everyone who auditioned.

*** Please note that all actors auditioning for our season must be fully vaccinated.

*** ALL ROLES PAID (flat $200-$300 stipend)

How to audition for our season

Step 1: Please film a video of yourself performing a 1 to 2 minute contemporary monologue, (preferably from a play, film, or TV show written in the last 20 years). Before beginning your monologue, please say your name and where your monologue is from.

Step 2: Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.

Step 3: Send an email to and include a link to your video audition, as well as your headshot and resume. Also include which shows/roles you would like to be considered for and tell us a little bit about yourself.

* The deadline to submit your audition is Friday, August 13th!

** Actors submitting for an audition must be available for callbacks on Sunday August 15th between 12pm and 6pm. Callbacks times for specific shows will be sent to you if you receive a callback.

We make it a point to respond to everyone who submits an audition regardless of whether or not we invite you to callbacks. You will hear back from us one way or another. We won't leave you hanging :)

A Note About Casting

Dayton is an incredibly diverse community with artists from all walks of life. In casting this season, we would love the makeup of persons in our show to reflect that diversity and, in turn, show audiences a more honest, beautiful representation of this city we call home. In that spirit, BIPOC actors, actors with disabilities, trans/gender non-conforming actors are all encouraged to audition for whatever roles speak most accurately to their truth. Ignore your preconceived notions of “type.” Think of yourself as originating the role(s) you are auditioning for. We want to see you shine through the language of the character. We want to feel your most authentic self in the margins of every page.

Nerve Co-founder and Resident Artist Chris Hahn as Larry Morrow writes a eulogy for a student in The Dream of The Burning Boy by David West Read
promo for The Nerve's production of The Dream of the Burning Boy; photo credit: Knack Video + Photo

The Dream of The Burning Boy

By: David West Read » [ Oct. 20-31, 2021 ]

The Story:
Since the sudden death of his favorite student, high-school teacher Larry Morrow has been falling asleep at his desk and dreaming. The school’s guidance counselor is hanging inspirational posters designed to help everyone “process their emotions.” The student’s sister and friends—more agitated and hormonal than usual—find little solace in Dante’s Inferno. And as Larry’s dreams intensify, a shocking secret is exposed. A secret that will change everything. Searing yet surprisingly funny, THE DREAM OF THE BURNING BOY is about finding the strength to move on…and the courage to live without regret.

Casting the following roles:

Dane (18+) male presenting, a high school student

Rachel (18+) female presenting, Dane's sister

Chelsea (18+) female presenting, Dane's girlfriend

Kyle (18+) male presenting, Dane's friend

*** Note - All of the characters in the show are on the binary, but we encourage cis-gender, gender-nonconforming, transgender, and non-binary performers of all ethnicities to audition for the role that most suits their type and voice.

The following roles have been precast:
Larry, Steve, and Andrea.

If you are cast in this production, please be aware that you will be asked to attend a promotional photo + video shoot on Sunday August 29th.

Resident Artists Kaleigh-Brooke Scheiding and A.J. Breslin react to their friends bad performance in Friend Art by Sophia Alvarez
promo for The Nerve's production of Friend Art; photo credit: Knack Video + Photo

Friend Art

By: Sofia Alvarez » [ Dec. 8-19, 2021 ]

The Story:
Molly and Kevin are engaged. They have “normal” jobs. Kevin and Nate have known each other since they were kids. Nate used to be famous once. He just broke up with Lil, who does performance art, and she used to work with Molly, who wanted to be an actress a long time ago. These relationships come to a head when Kevin decides he no longer wants the regular life he convinced Molly to live with him. Friend Art asks how late is too late to give up on your dreams, when are you really a grown-up, and what the hell are you supposed to say when walking out of a friend’s truly terrible performance?

Casting the following roles:

Molly (thirty-ish) female presenting, the office manager of a law firm in Manhattan.

Kevin (thirty-ish) male presenting, works in corporate art, Molly's fiancé.

Nate (thirty-five-sh) male presenting, a rock star in the days of Matchbox Twenty and Lit. Kevin's childhood friend.

Lil (mid-twenties) female presenting, a performance artist and former assistant at Molly's office, Nate's ex-girlfriend.

*** Note - All of the characters in the show are on the binary, but we encourage cis-gender, gender-nonconforming, transgender, and non-binary performers of all ethnicities to audition for the role that most suits their type and voice.

Nerve Resident Artists Skyler McNeely and Jenna Gomes-De Gruy as Wizards in Puffs by Matt Cox
promo for The Nerve's production of Puffs; photo credit: Knack Video + Photo


By: Matt Cox » [ May 18-29, 2022 ]

The Story:
For seven years a certain boy wizard went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of the Puffs... who just happened to be there too. A tale for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.

*** Note - Puffs is not authorized, sanctioned, licensed or endorsed by J.K Rowling, Warner Bros. or any person or company associated with the Harry Potter books, films or play.

Casting the following roles:

The following roles have been precast:
Wayne, Megan, J. Finch/Others, Ernie Mac/Others, Leanne/Others, and Hannah/Others

Jenna Valyn - Co-Founder and Artistic Director at The Nerve in Dayton, Ohio

Jenna Valyn

Co-Founder & Artistic Director @ The Nerve